The people of DynCorp International (DI) deliver integrated basic and advanced training and mentoring solutions to suit any situation in any part of the world. Our training and mentoring capabilities focus primarily on security sector reform but include nation building support for the emerging ministries of interior and defense in underdeveloped nations recovering from conflict or political instability.

We work closely with customers, international donor nations and local government institutions to assess risks and apply the right mix of professional services and advanced technologies.

We are a central resource for licensed law enforcement personnel who provide training, security services or augmentation of existing police forces worldwide. Since 1994, governments have relied on us to assist and train local police forces in post-conflict nations. To date, we have deployed more than 10,000 law-enforcement professionals in 16 countries across the globe.

As an industry leader in providing experienced law enforcement professionals to missions around the world, we are helping nations create modern, professional law enforcement institutions that maintain the rule of law.